Wendy Selig, MRA President & CEOWe are delighted to be launching the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) blog – welcome!  We felt the name Melanoma Focus had important significance because MRA is singularly focused on defeating melanoma and moving toward a day when no one suffers or dies from this deadly cancer.  And we know how important it is that we elevate the focus and attention paid to this insidious disease among all stakeholders – patients, their families, all who are at risk and our growing cadre of allies across the non-profit, for-profit and government sectors.

As part of MRA’s focus on melanoma, we stay connected with news and developments related to academic melanoma research, healthcare policy and commercial drug development.  We hope this blog can serve as a resource for those looking for melanoma news and the latest developments in the field.

MRA is not alone in the fight against melanoma—we are joined by dozens of committed corporate and non-profit allies helping us raise awareness and research funds.  We will use this blog to showcase the unique platforms and empowering information our allies offer, as well as to highlight the innovative collaborations that we are pursuing to help defeat melanoma together.

Every eight minutes, someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with melanoma and every hour someone succumbs to this terrible disease.  Each of those individuals has a story to tell.  Our partners, sponsored investigators, and supporters all have unique stories about how melanoma touched their lives and why they chose to get involved with MRA.   Melanoma Focus will serve as a place to share these diverse stories and experiences with a wider audience.

We hope that you will enjoy the blog and join the melanoma discussion, either by commenting here or by engaging with MRA on social media.  Together, we can get to a day where no one suffers or dies from melanoma.

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Wendy K.D. Selig, President & CEO


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