Safe Sun Style: Guest Post from Meg of SPF Love

It’s a common misconception that sun safety is not fashion-forward.  Our guest blogger and May ally SPF Love begs to differ.

Meg of SPF Love

I’m honored to be guest blogging for MRA.  I started my journey over a year ago when I decided to start SPF Love one sleepless night.  I’d been looking for a creative outlet, and a place to make a mark.  On this particular night it became clear and I never looked back.  Initially I needed to convince myself that I could still live a beach lifestyle but do it safely.  My past is full of sun-filled adventures and brown skin, but a brush with melanoma in 2008, confidence in my personal style, and maturity changed all that.


I never run out of content on the safe sun lifestyle, from the most stylish rashguards to sunless beauty tips.  SPF Love’s audience has grown organically as there is definitely a changing attitude toward sunning and sun safety these days.

I found the MRA early on, when doing some research on melanoma-related charities. Coincidentally I had just been to a Bruce Springsteen show and so my relationship with the Danny Fund began.  The Danny Fund is a program of the MRA that raises melanoma research funds and awareness in memory of the E Street Band’s Danny Federici.  From a holiday shopping fundraiser at Letarte Swimwear to donating a portion of the proceeds of all SPF Love tees to the Danny Fund, I’m so happy to be making a difference with the MRA.

This summer, in addition to spreading the word about this truly avoidable disease, treat yourself to SPF Love! You can continue into my blog to see some of my favorite sun safe goodies!

Have an amazing and safe summer everyone.  Please join me and help spread the love!

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