New Melanoma Stories

We are very privileged that melanoma survivors and their families continue to share their journeys with MRA’s community of supporters and friends.  We’ve recently added two new stories to the Survivor Stories section of our website, and here’s a preview:

Frank Courtney

Rusty Cline

Frank Courtney

Rusty Cline Crop2

“In 1992, I felt the healthiest I had ever been.  I led an active lifestyle and even ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC.  Five months after crossing the finish line, I was diagnosed with melanoma.  It was the start of a new marathon I never hoped to enter: The fight against cancer…” More

“Last summer, my tumors were taking over, and my very good doctors told me that there was not much else to do.  But I didn’t give up quite yet. I let my friends guide me, and they knew about the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA), and knew that things were changing all the time as cutting-edge research was being developed…” More


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