Amanda’s Story

Twenty four year-old Amanda Greene noticed a new mole that kept changing. A nagging feeling that “something wasn’t right” helped her catch melanoma early.

Amanda GreeneI was 24 when I first noticed a “mark” on my breast. Living a busy life focused mainly on my career, I didn’t even think twice about my health. I felt fine. I didn’t even call it a mole at first because it was just a dot and it had just recently appeared. It was a small dark dot. Almost like the tip of a black Sharpie marker.

A few months later, I noticed it again. It was a larger dark dot that now had a brownish rim around it. The dark center had a faded brown rim with uneven edges that almost looked smeared. At this point, it was the size of a pencil eraser. I wasn’t nervous about it, just casually noticed it and showed a friend. I didn’t want to overreact about it, but at the same time, I knew that “dot” that turned into a growing, darker mole, had not been there before.

That gut feeling is what ended up saving my life…

Read the rest of Amanda’s story on our website.


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