Melanoma News Round-Up, May 10

Week two of Melanoma Awareness Month is coming to a close–catch up on all the news with MRA!

MRA Board Members and funded researchers spoke on a panel about the promise of cancer immunotherapies at the Milken Institute’s 2014 Global Conference in Beverly Hills, Calif.  The panel video also features an animated explanation of cancer immunotherapies, as well as powerful patient testimonials.


This week, we shared a new survivor story on our website: Caitlyn was pregnant when her husband noticed a mole that did not look right…

T.J. Sharpe talks about the FDA’s priority review of Merck’s MK-3475 via

MRA-supported researcher Dr. Stephen Hodi tells us five things we really ought to know about melanoma via Dana-Farber Insight

Jim Allison’s pioneering spirit is pure Texan—and his cancer drug is a global breakthrough via Alcade

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Melanoma…but Really, Really Should via Glamour

Finally, if you can support MRA and pledge to stay sun safe in one easy action:  Sign the Ipreo-DebtDomain Skin Check Pledge today!


One thought on “Melanoma News Round-Up, May 10

  1. Excellent !!!! Stage 4 melanoma patient who is 4 months into BMS trial of Nivolumab and Ipilimumab. My first scans show that the tumours in my right lung is shrinking. thank you BMS!!!!!

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