Kicking off Melanoma Awareness Month

Today marks the start of Melanoma Awareness Month, a time of reflection and, indeed, excitRates of melanoma are increasing.ement in the field of melanoma research. Eight new drugs have been approved for melanoma in five years, which is remarkable progress.

But the death rate for patients with advanced melanoma is still high. As rates of melanoma continue to rise, prevention and early detection are the best strategy for improving outcomes in melanoma.

Melanoma of the skin is one of the most common cancers in the United States – among the top 10 causes of new cancer cases.

Here are some easy ways you can help during Melanoma Awareness Month:

  • Increase Awareness: Take steps to learn how to reduce your risk of developing melanoma. View our Melanoma Awareness Resources.
  • Spread the Word: We’ll be sharing information throughout the month on social media and encourage you to share as well. Feel free to use our infographics.
  • Get To Know Our Partners: Many of our corporate partners are launching promotional campaigns during the month of May that will benefit MRA. View our list of corporate partners and consider supporting them.

Thanks for helping to raise awareness about melanoma!


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