Immunotherapy Patient Forum: 6 Reasons to Attend

On November 7, the Melanoma Research Alliance is co-hosting a Patient Forum on Immunology with Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education and the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer. The event will be held at the National Harbor, near Washington, DC. Online registration is open through October 30.

The Forum will cover important topics for several different cancers, including:

  • Melanoma
  • Leukemia/Lymphoma
  • Lung Cancer
  • Genitourinary Cancers

Here are six reasons to attend the Patient Forum:

  1. Hear the Latest Information. The patient forum coincides with the annual meeting for the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer, a professional meeting for the leading immunotherapists. You will hear the most up-to-date information and thinking from the leading experts.
  2. Immunotherapy is a Hot Topic for Cancer Treatment. You may have seen some of the news coverage about immunotherapy over the last couple of years. This is your opportunity to hear about the cutting-edge ways we’re using the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.
  3. Meet Other Patients. Patients from up and down the East Coast will be in attendance. You will have the opportunity to share your experience and learn about their journeys.
  4. Interact with some of the Leading Doctors. The presenters are among the leaders in the field of immunology, and they have deep expertise in caring for patients using the most up-to-date therapies. This intimate forum will provide an opportunity to ask questions and interact with some of these top doctors.
  5. Information Tailored to Your Cancer. The forum will provide a terrific overview, as well sessions for each cancer type. These break-out panels that are specific to each cancer type will provide a personalized experience for patients and caregivers.
  6. Arm Yourself with Information. You will come away with answers to important questions about treatment options, as well as some ideas for questions you may want to ask your provider. This session is designed to give patients and caregivers the latest information – and empower them to take an active part in their care.

OK, ready to go? Register today!

And if you’re still not convinced, check out the agenda to see the great speaker line up:



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