Quick Video: What is the Best Way to Prevent and Detect Melanoma?

We really like the drawing format of this new melanoma awareness and prevention video produced by the Douglas Wright Foundation and narrated by Dr. Michael Evans, who specializes in creating engaging health media.  How do you think they’ve done?

If you’re interested in reading more about the German cohort study on skin cancer screening mentioned in the video, you can check out the full study here.  And remember, according to the video, “It’s time to change your thinking, not your skin!”


Melanoma News Round-Up July 26, 2013


Here are some of the best melanoma-related stories we came across this week:

Breaking down the process of a cancer cell like a cloak and dagger video game via theEditorial.com

Pediatric Melanoma is Difficult to Diagnose and Cases are Rising via ABCNews

Marine sponge vaccine will ‘hunt, kill tumours’ via Fairfax NZ News

Why Can’t we get Kids to Stop Romanticizing Tanning?  via the Boston Globe Magazine

Dissent Over a Device to Help Find Melanoma via the New York Times